Do you know these TEN secrets to success?

by Craig Perrine

I was ‘tagged’ yesterday to participate in a brilliant Internet blog experiment called “Simply Successful Secrets” by my dear friend, Dr. Joe Vitale.

He listed ten secrets to his own success and tagged me to do the same… and play along with a fun blog experiment created by Aaron Potts.

See, each blogger posts on 5-10 things they feel contributed to their success… and then tags other bloggers to post their secrets to success on their own blogs.

Cool idea.

I gotta give Aaron a virtual ‘high five’ for coming up with the idea.

Part of the game is that each blog post is linked back to Aaron, which will do wonders for his search engine ranking, and spread the word about his own blog.

Let’s call it ‘viral blog traffic’ using a creative idea that spreads helpful knowledge while stirring up some folks.

If you follow around from blog to blog, I bet you learn a few things that might just help you achieve your next level of success.

So here’s some tips from me…

Ten Secrets of my success:

1) Be yourself:

As ‘The Maverick Marketer’, I like to do things my own way. I’m an entrepreneur precisely because I’m not good at doing what I’m told ;) Beware the urge to try to conform and be like everyone else. Dare to be yourself… try new things.

With that said, I advise studying ‘masters’ and what has always worked, the classics. Then… you adapt what works with your own style. Said more briefly: know your craft, do it your way.

2) Sense of humor:

Whenever something happens that is unexpected or disappointing, it’s real tempting to get ticked off and start cursing. I know, I’ve got practice. But what I mostly find myself doing is making jokes and laughing about it while I figure out a solution.

Much more fun.

Hey, if a cat can fall off a chair while licking itself and act all cool, I can laugh in the face of adversity. Of course, life can be easy if you let it, but when the curve balls do fly at ya, laugh yourself a merry laugh and hit one out of the park.

3) Do what you fear:

I know, everyone says ‘do what you love’, and that’s great advice. But what I’ve found also to be true is my greatest successes come after doing something I was afraid to do — but did anyway.

If you are not the least bit anxious, afraid, or have any tingle in your spine about what you are attempting to do… then you’re still in the shallow end of the pool. Go deeper… that’s where the good stuff is, and the fear whispering in your ear that you may not be good enough to swim is your proof that you’re on the right path.

Scary? yes, but worth it. Also, you’ll learn to distinguish fear from a bad feeling in your gut. Trust that intuitive voice that says, ‘this sucks, run away’.

The kind of fear that spurs you on feels scary anxious… not bad with impending doom. Subtle, yet important difference.

4) Do what you love:

yeah, I love being an entrepreneur, writing, and teaching… and that’s what allows me to put in the time and effort to build what I’ve built. For me, it’s not about the money, it’s about the game. When it becomes about the money, it’s no fun anymore.

Use the money as a way to keep score in the game… not as your reason for playing at all. You gotta love the game… and yes, the money will follow.

5) Feed your brain:

I read, online, books, magazines, and I watch people. I watch movies, I study history. It’s not ‘tiring’, I follow whatever catches my interest.

Somehow, my subsonscious mind sorts it out into stuff I can use. I scribble ideas in my journal and record thoughts in my mp3 player… and I love to mastermind and plug in to what others know.

I often tell you about the books I’m reading on this blog… and recently, I’ve watched ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ with Will Smith and ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ with Will Farrel.

But if you really want to watch something that is fun and provocative for your business mind, check out Humbug… it’s the story of the great lotto hoax that Alan Able and Dr. Joe Vitale pulled off in promoting The Attractor Factor. It’s bold, ambitious, cheeky, outrageous, and successful… all the stuff great entrepreneurs are made of… highly recommended.

6) Chill:

Like I said, I watch movies… I play Playstation with my boys, I go for walks at midnight with fine cigars, wine tastings with my wife, and took 8 weeks off last year in an RV trip across the country from Texas to Vermont and back.

I go out to dinner with my friends Bill Hibbler, Pat OBryan, and Joe Vitale… with special guests like Mark Ryan from time to time. We used to meet weekly for a mastermind during the day, and it has evolved into a Siglo IV Cigar and steak and scotch (or martini) night out.

Relaxing, profitable, and while cigars and steak may not be your thing, getting out of the office to chill doing whatever you like is essential to getting anything done while you are IN the office.

By the way, if you spell Craig creatively, you get ‘cigar’.

7) Respect your process:

A lot of entrepreneurs are unfit for holding down a job. Creative, visionary, restless, and undisciplined at stuff that isn’t fun or challenging. If that sounds like you, then don’t kick yourself… those are NORMAL traits of successful folks who came before you.

Lousy traits if you want to achieve happiness in a cubicle, but just perfect for being your own boss. Just make sure you hire or partner with someone or a team of folks who LOVE to do what you HATE to do. Stuff still has to get done… just don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do absolutely everything.

Pick what you are good at or love to do, and go from there. And if you are a perfectionist control freak, don’t delay a second… you gotta follow this advice too.

8) Focus on what you want:

When I started my business, it’s because I wanted fancy sports cars and a motorcycle back when I was a younger man. When I got those… I moved on to bigger aspirations… like building a family and the world we wanted to live in. I knew that was my objective… not fame and fortune.

That’s why, when I had to learn something new, like copywriting, or traffic, I had the energy to do it, because I was focused on what I wanted.

When I’ve struggled, it’s often because I focused on stuff I didn’t want… and if you watch the movie The Secret, you’ll understand that The Law Of Attraction says you get more of what you focus on.

So keep your attention on your goal… and feel yourself already having it. Then all you gotta do is take action and never quit.

9) Know why you want it:

While it’s important to want stuff… if you don’t want it enough, it won’t motivate you to push through the times that aren’t fun and easy. Like I said before, if you want to make 100,000 dollars, that’s great.

But it may not provide you the juice you need to make it happen if you don’t attach that money to some greater meaning. If you support a family, then taking care of them and living your life with financial freedom is a lot more motivating than just a stack of Benjamins.

If you want to help feed kids and donate to causes that you’re passionate about… that will motivate you to raise money and your income more than the bucks alone.

And… if you have always wanted a 911 Twin Turbo Porsche… and can vividly imagine yourself tearing up the back roads with the wind in your face… then THAT may motivate you to get the job done. But don’t say you want to make a lot of money or be successful and leave it at that… put something emotional, spiritual, and real into the vision.

Your greatest meaning in your life will come from serving others… and the feelings you get from that, not personal gain.

10) Get out of the house and meet people like you:

My greatest success boost came from meeting successful people who already knew how to do what I wanted to learn.

Whether that was by reading newsletters like Gary Halbert’s, or books and courses, I found that others had solved the problems I faced… and eventually I figured out it was smarter to buy their knowledge than to recreate the wheel myself. If you can, get out of the house and go to seminars and workshops.

Meet people. Introduce yourself to the speakers and the event promoter.

You will be amazed at how fast your life can change by just meeting the right people.

Next week, I’m going to Big Seminar 9 and I’m going to meet several hundred new people… plus see dear friends like Armand Morin, Michel and Sylvie Fortin, my fellow AM2 members, all the speakers, attendees… and countless great friends who are literally too numerous to list here. I’ve been to SEVEN Big Seminars… and won’t miss a one from now on.

Always cutting edge. Always full of the top marketers (both on the stage and in the audience), and always worth a few new lucrative JV deals.

I understand, it might not be possible to go to events like that for you right now… but my friend Pat ‘Portable Empire’ OBryan’s content rich Unseminar2 videos were just released… and that was one unforgettable event where me, Joe Vitale, Bill Hibbler and Cindy Cashman all spoke on our areas of expertise. I know I spoke TWICE… once on list building, next on email marketing.

If you get a chance to attend one of Pat’s events… do it. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the videos of several attendees sharing their experience of being there. Can’t recommend it highly enough…

I’ll tell you about more seminars as they come up where I’m either speaking or attending… stay tuned.

So that’s it… my rant about ten things that I believe are key to my success.

While I’m at it… I’ll tag 5 people I’d like to see blog on this…

Armand Morin, Michel Fortin, Mike Filsaime, Alice Seba, Sylvie Fortin

Until next time…



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k April 19, 2007 at 5:31 pm

** By the way, if you spell Craig creatively, you get ‘cigar’. **

That’s hilarious. And clever.

Steve Renner April 19, 2007 at 6:22 pm

Great Idea for “Viral Blog Traffic. You have a Great Top 10 List, I can especially identify with “Getting Out Of The House”. So many of us get “Stuck”behind the computer. It’s is truly amazing what can happen when you get out of the house and meet other Successful poeple, the success seems like it “Rub’s Off” on you…

All The Best!


Catherine Franz April 19, 2007 at 6:38 pm

I am playing tag. Visit the blog.

Aaron M. Potts April 19, 2007 at 7:06 pm


I appreciate you sharing your success secrets with everyone, as well as endorsing the idea. As great of an idea as it was when I first started it, the whole thing has grown into so much more than I envisioned, and I could not be happier about that!

The tips that you shared were as amazing as the attitude with which you shared them, and I could write volumes about the nuggets of success wisdom that you listed.

However, I would like to touch on the point that really stood out for me the most, and I hope that your readers who are interested in making money will make sure to box this one up and take it home with them:

“Use the money as a way to keep score in the game… not as your reason for playing at all. You gotta love the game… and yes, the money will follow.”

Being a passionate blogger who writes about self improvement and personal development, I love what I do. However, I also have to pay the bills, so the financial aspect is never too far out of sight.

It struck me the other night in an epiphany that every time my fingers are on the keyboard, I am getting paid. However, writing AS IF I was only doing it to get paid yields crappy writing that I don’t even like, let alone what my readers are after.

Some of my best posts and my best ideas (such as Simply Successful Secrets) came from a burst of inspiration followed by a flurry of activity.

That’s the Law of Attraction in action, and when it calls, I always answer. :)

Thanks again, Craig – great stuff that you shared!

Christine Kane April 23, 2007 at 1:30 am

Great list. I have been working lots on that number eight. Being the artist/sensitive type, it’s so easy to get hooked into focusing on the “don’t wants” and the “bad stuff” and the dark things — it makes you feel like you’re THAT much better (and deeper) as an artist. It’s taken lots and lots of practice over the last few years – but i’ve had these very intense “oooooooohhhhhh” moments, where I’m seeing how unnecessary that is! Anyway, thanks! (Great little meme here, Aaron!)

Wangari Maathai April 16, 2012 at 10:22 am

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