After taking the summer off I have been getting going on several inspired projects these last few weeks.

You know what I noticed?

My attention kept getting sucked into the election year pony race we call politics here in the US – and lately, the drum beat about the 700 Billion dollar bailout has stolen the show.

Yesterday in fact the stock market took a big dive (though not nearly as big as the larger percentage declines in 1987 and 1929 – just so you know).

So I decided to break my long break from posting and rant a little.

That’s what blogs are for, after all.

See, I have been involved in the stock market since about 1992 and have been through this before many times.

I know, the talking heads on TV are saying we’ve never seen a crisis like this before, but that’s not true.

The stock market sucked for the entire decade of the 1970’s (that’s how I explain the cause of Disco, by the way).

The early 80’s during the Carter administration were, well, a malaise.

The savings and loan crisis was all the rage there for a while in the late eighties… and we lived to talk about it.

The early 90’s sucked too… I know… I was graduating University and the future didn’t look so bright.

In 1994 (I think), the House Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich grabbed the headlines because they were threatening to stall the entire US Budget.

The Government was supposedly going to be crippled… everything shut down.

What happened? Nothing… they figured stuff out, we moved on.

Donald Trump and other real estate tycoons lost billions and bankruptcies were in the news… yet Trump, and real estate, rocketed back to prosperity within a few years.

Back in 1994 it was widely predicted by doomsayers that in 1995 the US Government’s debt would destroy our economy and we’d all be out on the streets.

I recall one book called, ‘Bankruptcy 1995′ that spelled out our inevitable doom in painful detail.

Instead, the largest bull market in stocks began that year and lasted until 2002.

Confession: I missed out on that bull market because I was convinced the doom and gloomers were right and ignored the ever rising stock market that was right in front of my face.


It’s expensive to listen to gloomy experts!

In 1998, the stock market volatility was absolutely off the charts during the efforts to impeach then President Clinton.

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